The Weissbord Institute

To talk sense is to talk quantities.


Carr, Jansen, Topcu: Verifiable RNN-Based Policies for POMDPs Under Temporal Logic Constraints. 29th Inter­national Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Hartmanns, Kaminski: Optimistic Value Iteration. 32nd International Conference on Computer-Aided Veri­fi­cation.

Batz, Kaminski, Katoen, Matheja, Noll: Quantitative Separation Logic. 46th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages.


Inaugural Meeting of The Weissbord Institute at Schloss Dagstuhl, Wadern, Germany, March 16–21, 2021.

Bord of Directors

Dr.-Ing. Arnd Hartmanns
University of Twente
Implementing uncertainty.
Dr. rer. nat. Nils Jansen
Radboud University Nijmegen
Making the theoretical real.
Dr. rer. nat. Benjamin L. Kaminski
University College London
Reasoning stern first.